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Marketing planning is more than mapping out what you’re going to do and when. In an increasingly complex world where your customers are exposed to many marketing messages, ensuring your marketing makes an impact is harder than ever.

This is where an integrated marketing approach comes in to its own. Not simply a schedule, a robust marketing plan developed from your strategy allows you to integrate all your activity and provides the basis for all effective marketing activity. For example it will help you integrate offline activity with online and consider how resource can be allocated to activities that will meet your objectives.

The marketing plans we create with clients might underpin a company-wide marketing strategy, or be used to provide a ‘framework’ for a particular marketing campaign.

The elements of the bespoke marketing plan might include:

  • Channel recommendations
  • Campaign planning
  • Resource planner
  • Critical path
  • KPIs and measuring effectiveness

We work with you to design a workable plan that will be of real value –  talk to us if you’d like to discuss how this might work for you.

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