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All successful businesses have a sound strategy in common –  it is usually the foundation of a new company’s business plan, or required when pitching to customers, or securing investment. But not all businesses have a fully formed marketing strategy.

A dedicated marketing strategy can be a vital ingredient in helping a business meet its goals. Whether your key focus is launching a new brand, service or product, having a presence in a new market or generating new business (or all of the above!) we will work with you on the strategy to support these objectives.

When we work with clients on their marketing strategy we look at your business goals and key strategic drivers and create a marketing strategy that maps against these objectives.

The strategy will consider the following:

  • Your sources of competitive advantage
  • Strategic marketing approach
  • Marketing objectives: how will marketing support your business goals?
  • Brand and brand positioning
  • Target marketing analysis
  • Competitor climate
  • Measuring effectiveness

We work with you to formulate a strategy that will underpin all your marketing activity and support your business –  avoiding wasted time and resources on marketing that may not be effective.

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